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THIS IS MY WCW @mrs_taaylor #wcw #love #amazing #truelove #B-E-A-UTIFUL #LOL #love #wife #NewSeason (at The Feigel Farm)
Like brothers playing @mrs_taaylor @mommys4eva
I see him. @mrs_taaylor @mari0_ink
She fell jk @mrs_taaylor @mari0_ink
@mrs_taaylor @mari0_ink progress.
@mrs_taaylor @mari0_ink
Let it begin.
Free tattoo session. Someone’s
@mrs_taaylor is in a tattoo book.
Its starting to get blurry. @mrs_taaylor
Present for my wife to let her know I love her. @mrs_taaylor
19 years ago today.
Something bugs going on.  (at Eight Korean BBQ)
Something big happening over here.  (at Eight Korean BBQ)